The Bioinformatics group performs research in algorithms in bioinformatics. Current research involves developing algorithms and software for the identification of genetic variants, algorithms and statistics of gene expression and applied statistical genetics.

Study programs

Starting fall 2011 Reykjavik University offers MS program in Bioinformatics. A bioinformatics track is also offered within the MS program in Biomedical Engineering , A number of M.S. and B.S. projects are available in our research fields.
  • Development of algorithms or statistical methods for studying DNA sequence reads.
  • RNA and protein expression analysis.
  • DNA sequence analysis.
  • Software development for zebrafish behaviour analysis.
  • Molecular simulations.
  • Data analysis and management of biological/clinical data.
  • Clinical decision support systems.
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Ph.D. studies are also available for the same study tracks.
Post doctorial research positions are available starting this fall. Applicants with a strong background in mathematics, computer science, optimization or bioinformatics preferred. Contact us for more detail.


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